"Ardmona® tomato products are a full flavoured product that will enhance pretty much any dish, expecially through winter."

About Us

Ardmona® products have been a part of Australian households for generations. 
The perfect ‘Cook’s Companion’, Ardmona® offers a range of delicious tomatoes and cooking fruit that will give you inspiration to create meals your whole family will enjoy. Ardmona® products are great to keep in the pantry as they can be used as the basis for quick and tasty meals, giving everyday dishes a delectably wholesome twist.

Ardmona® tomatoes are locally grown in Australia and ripened on the vine, allowing their sweetness and true, rich flavours to shine through. Whether using Ardmona® standard tomatoes or Ardmona® Rich & Thick Tomatoes which have added herbs and a delicious thick paste, the appetizing tomato flavour of Ardmona® will not disappoint.

You can also create delicious desserts with the new Ardmona® Dessert Fruit range and ever popular Pie Fruit range. From fruit tortes to cheesecakes, pies and trifles, be inspired and try your hand at the scrumptious recipes you can turn out with a little help from Ardmona®.

Make every meal special with Ardmona®.

90 years in the can for Ardmona®

Ninety years in anyone’s book is an amazing innings. That’s how long Ardmona® has been treating Aussie families with quality packaged fruit products. From its beginnings as the Ardmona Fruits Products Cooperative Company Limited established in 1921, ‘Ardmona’ has grown to deliver a range of trusted products, and is the leading brand in Canned Tomatoes and Pie Packs in Australia.

To get a peek into Ardmona’s past we recently had a chat with Ross Turnbull, the grandson of John Charles Turnbull, one of the two brothers who were founding shareholders of the business. Ross was also a longstanding chairman of the company for 23 years and fondly recalls the business as a “very stable, close knit business with a family feeling, where people really cared for each other.”

Not that the business didn’t experience its share of challenges. Ross describes the setting up of the Erca packaging lines at the factory in the mid 1980’s as an “exciting and hair-raising time.” “I think our proudest achievements were the building of a company that was innovative and profitable, and then the merger with SPC,” he said.

Today, the ‘Ardmona’ brand continues to provide Australians with products that help consumers create delicious food for their family and friends.

As part of its long-standing Australian heritage, Ardmona continues its commitment to supporting Australian growers. Ardmona only selects Australian grown and vine ripened tomatoes for all its tomato products and continues the tradition of choosing Australian grown fruit for its pie packs.